International Conference On Computing And Mathematical Sciences 2017

Conference Proceedings


S #TitleAuthors Option
1.Effects of Icon Design and Styles on Human-Mobile Interaction Case Study on e-Literate vs. Non e-Literate user Zulfiqar A. Memon, Jawaid Ahmed Siddiqi, Javed Ahmed Shahani Download
2. A Remotely Deployable Wind Sonic Anemometer Muhammad Awais, Syed Suleman Abbas Zaida , Murk Marvi, and Muhammad Khurram Download
3.Comparative Study Of Testing Tools Blazemeter And Apache JMeter Pirah Memon Tahseen Hafiz Saman Shahid Qureshi Dr. Sania Bhatti Download
4.Comparative Study of Load Testing Tools: Apache JMeter, HP Load Runner, Microsoft Visual Studio (TFS), Siege Zainab Sultan Rabeya Abbas Dr. Shahid Nazir Bhatti Farrukh Latif Butt Download
5.Comparing Data Mining Techniques that Predict Stock Market Trends Mike Ashley Cedric Sumbul GhulamaniDownload
6.Decision Support System for Hepatitis Disease Diagnosis using Bayesian Network Shamshad Lakho, Akhtar Hussain Jalbani, Muhammad Saleem VighioDownload
7.Role of GIS in Crime Mapping and Analysis Iqra Shafique Syeda Ambreen Zahra Tuba Farid Madiha Sharif Download
8.Improvement of Requirement Elicitation Process through Cognitive Psychology Sana Fatima, Dr. Qamar Uddin Khand, Jawaid Ahmed Siddique, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali MemonDownload
9.Holy Qur'an Speech Recognition System Distinguishing The Type of prolongation Bilal Yousfi, Akram M. Zeki and Aminah hajiDownload
10.A Fast Implementation of Minimum Spanning Tree method and Applying it to Kruskal’s and Prim’s Algorithms Badri Munir, Muhammad Aleem, Muhammad Arshad Islam, Muhammad Azhar Iqbal, Waqar Mehmood Download
11.A Study of Wearable Bio-Sensor Technologies and Applications in Healthcare Amir Mehmood, Adnan Nadeem, Kashif Rizwan, Nadeem Mahmood, Ahmad Waqas Download
12.Impact of Unified Process on Software Development: A Study of Pakistan Muhammad Siddique, Salman Ali, Matee Ullah Arshad, Ambreen Nazir Download
13.Increasing the Energy Efficiency of TICK by Selecting Adaptive Forwarding Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Akram, Tae Ho Cho Download
14.Initiative for Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis: Decision Support System for Anaplast Thyroid Cancer Jamil Ahmed Chandio, M. Abdul Rehman Soomrani, Attaullah Sehito, Shafaq Siddiqui Download
15.WaterOnto: Ontology of Context Aware Grid-Based Riverine Water Management System Muhammad Hussain Mughal, Zubair Ahmed Shaikh Download
16.Pervasive Electricity Distribution System Muhammad Usman Tahir, Mohammad Asif Khan, Shahneel Siddiqui, Ahmad Waqas Download
17.Requirement Prioritization Techniques: An Empirical Study Makkia Abbasi, Amna Sadiq, Dr. Shahid N. Bhatti, Dr. S Asim Ali Shah Download
18.CT1-Analysis on Energy Efficient Protocols-Wireless Sensor Networks Iqra Tariq, Talal Bin Maqsood, Najam Ishfaq, Muhammad Asif Download
19.Software Atom: An approach towards software components structuring to improve reusability Muhammad Hussain Mughal, Zubair Ahmed Shaikh Download
20.Utilization of Electronic Learning System in Swat Rural Areas Dr. Nazir Ahmad Sangi, Mr. Habib ur Rahman Download
21.Video Copyright Detection Using High Level Objects in Video Clip Abdul Rasheed Balouch, Ubaidullah Alias Kashif, Kashif Gul Chachar Download
22.Review on Security Issues of Virtualization in Cloud Computing Irsa Naz, Sumbal Abbas, Sabrina Bashir, Shafaq Hameed Download
23.Identifying and analyzing the challenges and issues in Wireless ZigBee Technology Waliullah Panhwar, Qamar Uddin Khand Download
24.SDN Low Latency for Medical Big Data using Wavelets FADIA SHAH, JIANPING LI, RAHEEL AHMED MEMON, FAIZA SHAH, YASIR SHAH Download
25.Wireless Monitoring and Controlling system by using Android Applications Muhammad Saqib, Muhammad Humayun, Shahzad Amin, Ambreen Nazir Download
26.Use of Object Oriented Analysis and Design Paradigm to Develop and Maintain Consistency of SoftwareAmna Anwar, Marva Ishaq Download
27.Parts of Speech Tags Prediction System for Sindhi Text Using Support Vector Machine Farhan Ali Surahio, Javed Ahmed Mahar, Awais Khan Jumani Download
28.Security Issues in 5G Network Murtaza A. Siddiqi, Mohammad Khoso, Abdul Aziz Download
29.Model based on Paper Prototype: To Overcome the Problems of Usability Engineers and Software Designers/ Developers Amna Sadiq, Makkia Abbasi, Shahid N. Bhatti, Amr Mohsen Jadi Download
30.Enhancing the Statistical filtering scheme to detect false negative attacks in Sensor Networks. Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Ashraf Tae Ho Cho3 Download
31.Human Brain inspired Artificial Intelligence & Developmental Robotics: A Review Suresh Kumar, Patricia Shaw Download
32.Application of Complex Event Processing (CEP) in Health Domain Dr. Nadeem Mahmood, Madiha Khurram Pasha, Khurram Ahmed PashaDownload
33.Gap Identification in Computer Science Curriculum and IT Industry Skill Requirement in Pakistan Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Memon, Jawaid Ahmed Siddiqui, Javed Ahmed Shahani, Sana Fatima, Irshad Nazeer, Ghulam MurtazaDownload
34.Swarm Based Coverage Using Multiple Informed Leaders Ahmad Din, Ashfaq Ahmed, Abbas Khalid, Owais Khan, Kashif ZiaDownload
35.Analyzing Trusted Data Sources in Tweets Sidra Hameed Hina Asmat Malik Muhammad Saad Missen Amnah FirdousDownload
36.Auxiliary Services of Imaging in Vehicle Recognition: An Image Processing Based Approach Waqas Ahmed, Muzamil Hussain and NooruddinDownload
37.Practical implementation of academic course Analysis and Design of Algorithms taught in the Universities of Pakistan Faryal Shamsi, Muhammad Irshad Nazeer, Raheel Ahmed Memon, Muhammad Ismail Mangrio Download
38.A Survey on Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining Iqra Kanwal, Iqra Amjad, Muhammad Sajid, Muhammad Shakeel Asghar Download
39.Performance Assessment of WhatsApp on Android Operating System (KitKat and Jelly Bean) during VoIP calls using 3G or Wi-Fi Muhammad Fahad, Zahoor Ahmed Download
40.Use of Multimedia, Temporal Contiguity & Personalization principles in Cognitive Multimedia learning through 3D Animation Zeeshan Bhatti, Ahmed Waqas, Fida Chandio, Abdul Waheed Mahesar, Ghullam Asghar Bhutto Download
41.Spatial data analysis: Recommendations for educational infrastructure in sindh Abdul Aziz Ansari, M. Abdul Rehman, Shafaq Siddiqui Download
42.Fast Performance Computing Model for Smart Distributed Power Systems Umair Younas, B. Khan, S. M. Ali, Alfredo Vaccaro Download
43.Schema Integration of Web Tables (SIWeT) Nayyer Masood Amna Bibi Arshad IslamDownload
44.Public Transport Estimated Time of Arrival: A Mobile Information System Approach Syed Asim Ali, Muhammad Hamdan Alkasiri, Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui, S. M. Aqil Burney Download
45.Theoretical Insights into Coverage Analysis of Cellular Networks Murk Marvi, and Muhammad KhurramDownload
46.Second Eye of Blind: A Novel Communication System For Visually Impaired Smartphone Users Mehak Marium, Bilal Shaikh, Abdul Rehman SoomraniDownload
47.Optimizing Distributed Machine Learning for Large Scale EEG Data Set M Bilal Shaikh, M Abdul Rehman, Attaullah Sahito Download


48.Effect of magnetohydrodynamic on three dimensional second-grade fluid flow between two horizontal parallel porous plates with periodic injection/suction Y. Alia, M. A. Ranaa, M. Shoaibb Download
49.Numerical Solution of System of Fractional Differential Equations in Imprecise Environment Najeeb Alam Khan Oyoon Abdul Razzaq Asmat Ara and Fatima Riaz Download
50.Haar wavelet solution of the MHD Jeffery-Hamel flow and heat transfer in Eyring-Powell fluid Faqiha SultanDownload
51.Bingham plastic fluid flow and heat transfer over an infinite rotating disk with anisotropic slip and dissipation Najeeb Alam Khan, Faqiha Sultan Download
52.3D stagnation point flow of Maxwell fluid towards an off-centered rotating disk Sidra Khan Download
53.On applicability of truncation method for non-constantly axially moving strings under internal damping Rajab Ali Download
54.On Applicability of Separation of Variables Method for Large Class of PDEs Muzaffar Bashir Arain, Sajad Hussain Sandilo, Abdul Hanan Sheikh Download
55.On a Two Timescales Perturbation Method for Class of Partial Differential Equations Sajad H. Sandilo Download
56.Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Complementary Stochastic Quadratic Operators of Finite-Dimensional Simplex Rawad Abdulghafor, Sherzod Turaev, Akram Zeki Download
57.On Axially Moving String under Influence of External Damping Sindhu Jamali, Sajad H Sandilo, Rajab A Malookani Download
58.Stability Criteria for Axially Moving String and Beam under Different Boundary Conditions Abdul Rehman Soomro, Sajad H. Sandilo Download
59.On Time-varying Axial Velocity for an Axially Moving String under Viscous Damping Sanaullah Dehraj, Sajad H. Sandilo, Abdul Hanan Sheikh Download
60.Least Square Finite Element modelling of incompressible flows of Newtonian fluid through small rectangular channel with shallow cavity Abid Ali Memon, Dr. Hisam uddin Shaikh, Dr. Ahsanullah BalochDownload
61.Unsteady Incompressible Stokes Flow through Porous Pipe of uniform circular cross section with Periodic Suction and Injection K. Bhatti, A. M. Siddiqui, Z. Bano Download
62.Solution of Equations of Motion of Incompressible Fluid with General Function of Degree Six Zehra Akther Naveed, Mehwish Safi Khan, Syed Anwer Ali, Maria Khan Download